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June 7, 2011

Hellix Corroborates USBM’s Anomalous Gold on Margarita

HELLIX VENTURES INC. - HEL:TSX.V/HLLXF:OTC - Vancouver, BC- Frank Underhill, President, is pleased to announce results of the Hellix rock sampling program initiated to corroborate the findings from the United States Bureau of Mines (USBM) report MLA 24-94.

The USBM Report MLA 24-94 supplied detailed site maps and a regional map to identify the sample locations, along with sample descriptions to duplicate their sample type and method. Nine of the samples were taken from the four known target areas.

A total of twenty-five samples were taken. The highest Hellix sample was number BM14 (27.2 g/Mt or .87 oz/ton), selected from an area 400 meters northwest of the Margarita Mine. Table 1 compares the Hellix sampling results to the corresponding USBM samples (BM1 corresponds to the same location, sample type and method as T399).


BM1 2430 0.78 2.43
BM2 1890 .061 1.89
BM3 1710 .055 1.71
BM4 890 .029 .890
BM5* 60 .002 .060
BM6 >3000 .116 3.63
BM7 2610 .084 2.61
BM8 >3000 .108 3.39
BM9 >3000 .159 4.97
BM10 >3000 .243 7.58
BM11 >3000 ,305 9.53
BM12 1340 .043 1.34
BM13 >3000 .139 4.35
BM14 >3000 .870 27.20
BM15 930 .030 .930
BM16 1710 .055 1.71
BM17 2400 .077 2.40
BM18 >3000 .422 13.20
BM21 >3000 .187 5.83
BM22 >3000 .313 9.77
BM23 >3000 .181 5.66
BM24 >3000 .137 4.29
BM25 960 .031 .960
BM26 507 .016 .507
BM27 864 .028 .864

T399 360 .012 .360
T396 4910 .157 4.91
T395 3300 .106 3.30
T403 751 .024 .75
T408 1670 .053 1.67
T406 220 .007 .22
T407 4360 .140 4.36
T409 1660 .053 1.66
T402 5240 .168 5.24
T401 220 .007 .22
T385/386 4515 (avg) .145 4.52
T381 2240 .072 2.24
T380 1070 .034 1.07
T389 3160 .101 3.16
T412 1881 .060 1.88
T414 2720 .087 2.72
T415 6690 .214 6.69
T416 5660 .181 5.66
T438 14500 .463 14.50
T437 4430 .142 4.43
T434 39600 1.268 39.6
T426-433 15100 .482 15.1
T335 5490 .176 5.49
T334 1990 .064 1.99
T332 2040 .065 2.04

Note that these are select samples and were intended to duplicate historic results. They are not indicative of average grades over mineable widths. The samples were selected, handled and hand delivered by a professional geologist to Skyline Labs in Tucson, Arizona. Samples were fire assayed for gold only.

*Sample BM5 was the only sample of non-siliceous porphyry rock. It is possible the USBM sampled an adit now collapsed and filled in 30 yards to the east of this Hellix re-sampled adit. This result reinforces the observation that only highly silicified rock contains economic gold.

**Conversion using

As per USBM descriptions, most were select samples of dump material originating from the Margarita Mine and a series of adits, pits and other workings on the claim group, consisting of hematite stained and/or pyritic silicified rock. While many of the Hellix samples are lower in gold than the USBM samples from the same site, they show the areas are highly anomalous. Our geologist suspects that he chose samples that were more representative of the present sites rather than picking the best looking specimen from the group. Some sites such as BM3 have been partially reclaimed, and over time some workings have collapsed.

Samples BM1 through BM10 were located within the four main target areas. Sample BM2 was from a dump approximately 30 feet NE from rock chip sample 984049 (2700 ppb gold) taken from outcrop during a previous sampling program announced February 16, 2011. Samples BM11 through BM14 (the highest Hellix value) were all taken from an area northwest of the Margarita Mine where shallow historic workings were present. Four samples (BM21 through BM24) were taken from dumps of workings south of the Margarita Mine. BM21 was from a cut approximately 50 feet long, 8-20 feet wide, 10 – 15 feet deep, while BM22 was from a series of cuts about 30 x 15 x 10 feet deep. Samples BM25 through BM27 were taken from the northern portion of the Oro claim block. This area had specimens which were less silicified than elsewhere.

Three of the Hellix samples were chip samples of in-place rock. At two sites (BM15/BM16), chip samples were from a hematite stained, variably silicified face of a large open cut. Sample BM16 was cut from a ten foot wide zone. These were east of the Margarita target areas, though results are comparable to those from the main Margarita Mine. Samples BM17 and BM18 were taken from dumps in the same general location. The third chip sample was BM5 and as mentioned above, was of non-silicified rock.

Hellix continues to be encouraged by the increasing corroboration of historic anomalous sites on and near the Margarita target zones now within our expanded claim group. We have broadened our exploration area to the west, the east and the south based on our silt and rock sampling programs.

The technical portion of this release has been reviewed by Qualified Person Laurence Sookochoff, P. Eng.

HELLIX VENTURES (HEL – TSX.V) is engaged in the identification, acquisition, exploration and development of gold and silver properties in North America. Hellix has no debt (other than short-term trade payables), and has positive cash flow from fossil fuel production in Western Canada. All transactions stated or referred to herein are expressly subject to TSX Venture Exchange approval as well as all other applicable regulatory body approvals.


Frank Underhill

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